Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Statistic shows that 20% of Google searchers click on google advertisement in the search result page, also known as PPC advertising or Google adwords. SEM is often used to generate traffic quickly in short term from search engine. Using SEM, you only pay for what you receive. The KPI of your SEM campaign could be […]

Email Marketing

Marketing is the essence of building customer relationship. Thanks to Marketing, useful information for all parties can be correctly exchanged. It creates a bridge between customers and their desired products. Out of many online marketing channels, we see Email as one of the most useful channels which makes it possible to transfer content in high […]

Banner design

Thanks to modern platform, it is so easy to update web banner anytime without much involvement of an IT expert. The most difficult part is having the right design. Banner design should not be regular art design, it should serve Marketing purposes rightfully. This means a good web banner should send customer powerful messages and […]

Plan & Strategy

The initial planning, development or expansion of a project, a company in the small and medium-sized models usually take place on a fairly emotional level. The role of professional advice has often been overlooked. But when business leaders start realizing the impact of globalization, they also start listening, keeping themselves updated and being exposed to […]