E-commerce Essential presentation

Modern online business relies on Web-shop presentation. This is so far clear and obviously. But what are the very essential rules a successful Webshop must have? At Ecentura we think our customer should focus on 4 most important best practices to reach more and convert more:

Google friendly

Be sure to have a google friendly Webshop. It is important to anticipate your products relevant content into your site. Use your individual product description. Optimize your onpage elements like Title, Meta description etc. Make your site stand out in search results page.

First impression

Optimizing user experience is key here. You must know your customer, must understand what they expect to see. This will impact your choice of visit generation tools heavily. Purchase flow must be clean and clear. Be minimal and consider very careful if you want to add any additional content just to make the site look rich. Be sure that content support purchase decision and not just news. Understand that your customers want to buy your product and not read your news or your article. In doubt, make sure you are in control of bounce rate.

Mobile friendly

Even google realize the importance of mobile presentation and use this as an significant factor to rate ranking grade of a website. There are more and more users with smartphone and tablet, even though they might not purchase using their smart handheld devices, this is an important part of the Omni-Marketing chain. Therefore, you must make sure your site look stunning on handheld devices.

Customer reviews

Customer rules. Amazon, Ebay are winning because of their product and user rating system. Customer reviews will not only help improve shopper confidence but also provide important product information missing by the lack of touching and seeing in real life. This will increase your sale significantly once being integrated correctly.

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