Email Marketing

Marketing is the essence of building customer relationship. Thanks to Marketing, useful information for all parties can be correctly exchanged. It creates a bridge between customers and their desired products. Out of many online marketing channels, we see Email as one of the most useful channels which makes it possible to transfer content in high quality to the right target in the right time at the right place via the right device. Applying  Email-Marketing correctly, this will surprise you with high ROI / conversion rate.

Some advantages of Email-Marketing:

  • Low cost communication channel
  • Possibilityto target audience precisely
  • Broadcasting your message widely
  • Measurability

Bearing this in mind, most of Marketing folks use email as primary channel in building and maintaining relationships with loyal customer as well as potential customers.

Ecentura can help you:

  • Develop strategies and plans for long term email campaign
  • Advice on content and touching your customers
  • Develop a roadmap for your dialogue with customer via email
  • Advice on building database
  • Provide full package services:
    • Creating email content
    • Designing your email (visual)
    • Managing your subscriber list
    • Sending out email campaign with low bounce rate
    • Reporting campaign results

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