Upgrade Magento

Some wise men have said: Never touch a running system.

This is unfortunately not always correct, especially in the online business. Because of potential bugs and security risk, a shop system must be enhanced, updated/ upgraded. More to that, there are obvious benefits of new features/ usabilities, that come with update/ upgrade). Therefore, getting your shop up to date by updating or upgrading Magento is always a must and essential for your business.

This is however often not simple unless you have a very standard version of Magento. Fact is, most of the Magento Shops out there don’t use default setup. As flexibility is a great advantage of Magento, it is also the cause for complexity in the system. Magento shop owners tend to let their shop customized for business reason. It could be in simple form as an individual Slider or in complex form as an ERP connection module. Unfortunately, those are the changes that Magento Engineer never be able to cover in Magento new version. Therefore, update / upgrade Magento often cause a lot of problem and instability in a webshop.

On the other hand, some would say, you only have to follow Magento Extension guide line then it will work fine with any update/ upgrade. It is sadly just a theory. In the reality, Magento new version often break existing Plugins/ changes. That is the reason while every Magento Extension provider has to rework ther plugin every time a new Magento version is released. In other words, they have to make sure their product work with new Magento version.

What does it mean for you

All that means, you can not just update/ upgrade Magento and think that everything will work fine. You will need expert with experience and competence to support you and ready to handle possible problem after updating/ upgrading. In a world full of “experts”, there are real experts and fake experts. Of course, you can not try every one and find out who is the best. You should select the right expert/ partner in the first attempt.

The question is: How can I find the right magento outsourcing partner for my Magento Shop?

The answer is: By informing yourself about his competence and liability through reviewing his references, his solution for your problems, his readiness to support (which is very important).


Here is a checklist, which help you prepare for the Magento upgrade/ update

  1. List out every technical individual implementation you made in your shop
  2. List out every plugins you have in your shop
  3. Check each plugin for compatibility with new Magento Version
  4. Make sure you have backup of the whole shop (code and db)
  5. Have a test environment ready for the coming work
  6. Inform Host provider about the change to assure the compatibility of host environment
  7. Have contact of someone you can trust with handling Magento Problem (the expert)

You are ready to go!