Smart Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 (50USD)

Ultra light-coded infinite scroll plugin to enhance user experience and stays extremely flexible in configuration and customization.


infinite scroll


Smart Infinite Scroll enhance browsing experience by providing the possibility to view all products on one page. This is by far one of the most important factors resulting in high bounce rate/ abandon rate. When user scrolls mouse down, a new set of products will be loaded and displayed on the same page. There is no need to click on pagination to load new product list. This extension will modify default category display without affecting magento performance and core code. The appeared products will be merged with existing product grid / list without any break. The developer behind this extension knows very well magento structure and build it in a super light way to make sure there is no distinctive influence on the Site performance.

Often there is also a need to customize the look of infinite scroll to match with individual style/ layout of webshop. There are only a few extensions offer the flexibility in style adjustment. Smart infinite scroll can give developer the full control of how infinite scroll looks.

Hear are some highlights

  • User scrolls down on category page with mouse to see more products (infinite scroll) or clicks on “load more” button to see more products. The appeared products will be merged seamlessly with existing products (without any blank place)
  • Pagination will be replaced fully.
  • Admin is in full control of styling the appearance of this function on frontend.
  • Text, color, style are fully adjustable.



  • Customizable Function appearance using CSS (loading bar, text on bar, progress bar animation or image gif loading)
  • SSL compatible
  • Multi store compatible
  • Super light coded
  • Option to use mouse gesture or button click to load more product
  • Easy and simple configuration
  • Compatible with SEO standard

Compatible with Magento 2 Community (2.x)