Magento Customization - Tailored solution for Webshop

Magento Shops are used by over 200,000 merchants to deliver an optimal e-commerce experience, whether in B2C or B2B environments. A large number of requirements can be implemented quickly and efficiently by numerous extensions (some of which are subject to a fee). And due to the modular structure of the Magento system, individualization of the software is possible at any time. The modular structure of Magento 1 and Magento 2 makes it possible to customize the system to a high degree without affecting the update capability. This requires Magento experts with high competence and a lot of experiences.

Here at Ecentura we have engaged in individualizing and customizing Magento since 2014. The requests come in different forms, which depend a lot on the typical markets. Webshop in the USA has total difference requests than one in EU or Australia. But that is the point, all those requests can be satisfied with one single Magento Instance here with Ecentura Team.

Some Magento customizations by Ecentura

  • Page Builder: Advance content editor to replace default editor. This is a drag and drop content builder with widgets and template. Similar to the experience of Visual composer for Wordpress. But this builder support full style customization out of the box. Responsive view is adjustable.
  • Slider Banner module: Admin can add image and customize text position, style of the image to create banner in Backend. This is simil
  • Product configurator: creating Product Import CSV file directly in Backend (using existing Product attributes). This saves a lot of time when creating new product or modifying existing products.
  • Consultation via Ticket system:  creating communication interface for Admin and customer in a ticket based form. Admin can add existing text template as well as Products to the communication. This makes consultation very smooth and comfortable
  • AMP: creating mobile AMP version for magento landing pages. 99/100 score is possible in Google pagespeed insight.
  • Product bundle for visitor: Visitor can customize their product bundle by choosing the favored product in each step before putting them all into cart.
  • Bonus for Payment with Bank transfer: Buyer get % discount when paying with bank transfer
  • Multicoupon: Buyer can use more than one Coupon code at the same time
  • Send Cart via Email: Visitor can send shopping cart (with selected products and price) to any Email
  • Print cart to PDF: Visitor can print shopping cart as pdf file.
  • Send Feedback mail to customer: Customer received x days from purchased day a remind for Feedback/ Review
  • Product pictures in Cart: show product pics in shopping cart
  • Share shopping cart between store: the same cart (with content) is shared between multiple Store using one Magento Instance.
  • Default Product image: set manual uploaded Image as default product image in product detail page automatically
  • Track user devices and OS for each order.
  • Auction Module: Live auction, normal auction
  • Set auction campaign
  • Megamenu
  • Integrate with ERP: Datev, Tricoma
  • Payment restriction
  • Reward
  • Promo item in Cart: for certain cart value
  • Attach PDF to email (invoice, order)
  • Customize customer attribute
  • Manual invoice
  • Manual invoice with Magento default invoice/ order
  • Special shop for certain customer group (hidden Category)