What is SCRUM

SCRUM is an agile approach for developing innovative products and services.

With an agile approach, you begin by creating a product backlog—a prioritized list of the features and other capabilities needed to develop a successful product. Guided by the product backlog, you always work on the most important or highestpriority items first. When you run out of resources (such as time), any work that didn’t get completed will be of lower priority than the completed work.

The work itself is performed in short, timeboxed iterations, which usually range from a week to a calendar month in length. During each iteration, a self-organizing, cross-functional team does all of the work—such as designing, building, and testing—required to produce completed, working features that could be put into production.

Typically the amount of work in the product backlog is much greater than can be completed by a team in one short-duration iteration. So, at the start of each iteration, the team plans which high-priority subset of the product backlog to create in the upcoming iteration.

At the end of the iteration, the team reviews the completed features with the stakeholders to get their feedback. Based on the feedback, the product owner and team can alter both what they plan to work on next and how the team plans to do the work. For example, if the stakeholders see a completed feature and then realize that another feature that they never considered must also be included in the product, the product owner can simply create a new item representing that feature and insert it into the product backlog in the correct order to be worked on in a future iteration. At the end of each iteration, the team should have a potentially shippable product (or increment of the product), one that can be released if appropriate. If releasing after each iteration isn’t appropriate, a set of features from multiple iterations can be released together.

As each iteration ends, the whole process is begun anew with the planning of the next iteration.

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