Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Statistic shows that 20% of Google searchers click on google advertisement in the search result page, also known as PPC advertising or Google adwords. SEM is often used to generate traffic quickly in short term from search engine. Using SEM, you only pay for what you receive. The KPI of your SEM campaign could be amount of impression or clicks on your advertisement. Everything is very transparent and trackable (if you use track tool like Google analytics). Thus, this marketing channel ensure traffic in high quality with optimal cost (only the one who searchs for your services would visit you). Therefore, SEM will not only help you reach out to selected target audience but also meet the needs of cost control perfectly. You will then be able to plan ahead your general marketing activities without unknown cost factors.

Just like SEO, SEM success depends mostly on targeting keywords. Bringing visitor to your site can not assure high conversion. More than that, you will have to choose your targeting keywords intentionally and carefully so that it illustrates your need perfectly. And of course, this choice it quite different in each project. This costs you time, and sometime you may even not be able to find the right set of keywords, this is why you need Ecentura at your service.

At Ecentura, we offer

  • Advice for planning/ building campaign
  • Building optimal set of keywords, which matches your requirement
  • Creating of advertising content
  • Campaign management (running, optimizing and monitoring)
  • Creating landing pages as per request
  • Cost optimization
  • Reporting and analyzing data