Website design

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Why a website with tons of visitor could have low conversion?
  • Why a banner can not send appealing message to visitor?
  • Why a website hase high bounce rate?
  • How can you determine the right color presentation for your business?
  • How can you target customer using multi device while surfing online?
  • What is a professional design? When should it be simple, minimal or emotional?

Different than creating a pure artwork, designing ecommerce website requires not only the intentional use of proper contrast, balance, exposure, unity, compatibility etc. in the creation but also deep understanding of targeting audience, business vision, products/ services.

With that in mind, designing an ecommerce website is truly a master piece of a composer, who has the best understanding not only in art or creative knowledge but also in business idea, customer psychology and modern technology.


website-wireframes (f)

At Ecentura, we know how to design your ecommerce website, we know how to touch your customer. We understand what your customer needs and what he wants to see. For that, we show your customer valuable windows full of information, appealing offer and call to action elements.