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The core of E-commerce is not only building an interface to introduce products but also setting up online business system, integrated with other business management areas like accounting, logistics, customer care, marketing and individual business system. Years ago, while searching for that perfect platform, we found Magento, not totally perfect but the best you can find out there.

Advantages of Magento Ecommerce

Thanks to modular software architecture, individual requirement can be realized within the framework of extensions, without affecting upgradability and scalability. Moreover, the extensive worldwide developer community ensures constantly fresh impetus and expansion opportunities in regular updates. On average, there are about 2 major updates per year, but there is no update obligation for store operators. Security issues are resolved with patches immediately. Here are some highlights of what make Magento Ecommerce so special in an overview:

Modular software architecture

The use of software architecture is part of the most modern IT system. It allows extensive adjustments to the shop system, without changing the core of the software.

Adaptions and extensions are outsourced in so called modules, which are encapsulated by the program core. This makes it possible for applying new version or update of Magento without overwriting custom modifications and extensions. The upgradability of the system can be therefore guaranteed fundamentally.

Flexible template system

Functionality and layout are clearly separated in the ecommerce platform. So it is fully possible to adapt the online store appearance to the individual needs or requirements of the corporate design. The shop system is so flexible; it is based on individual content blocks and is implemented via PHTML template. This allows maximum flexibility in the frontend design.

Global community

International development community is an important if not decisive influence factor of a success open source system. And in this case, Magento has successfully built up a global community, which contributes a lot to the system. There are now over 6000 extensions, which provide a variety of additional features and even be able to cover most exotic requirements. The library of Extensions is easy to use and to navigate, which makes it possible for effective planning and implementing of individual online business.

Product oriented design

The main focus of this shop software is on product. It supports different type of products, whether it is simple product, bundle, set or downloadable product. Magento Ecommerce supports therefore

practically all product requirements. In addition to that, there is an extremely flexible attribute system that allows full control of product presentation and product browsing. Furthermore, attribute sets can be combined and allocated to any categories. More flexibility and design freedom is hardly possible.

Extensive features

Unlike some very expensive software solution, the ecommerce solution offered in free Community Edition is already sufficient enough for starting your business online. The ongoing development of Magento Ecommerce and the huge community constantly provide new features and improvements, which leaves nothing to be desired. For very professional business wishes, Magento Enterprise Edition is an affordable and very advanced upgrade. This offers and extended range of functions as well as various support services by the manufacturer.

Intuitive operation

A Magento shop is characterized by maximum ease of use and clarity. Even inexperienced administrator will learn to appreciate the simple operation and the clear structure of Magento backend quickly. Various comfort functions thereby facilitate your daily work with the online store software and ensure rapid results.

SEO friendly structure

Especially for online stores, a good position in search engine result page is essential for the success of online business. Magento shop solution provides a clean technology base, in which the most important parameters in the field of on-page optimization are already considered automatically.Magento Ecommerce provides standard speaking URLs, customizable meta information, maintainable custom page titles, automatic rewrites and an integrated XML and HTML Sitemap. In addition, as standard, the Integration of Google analytics tracking tool is support.

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