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The core of E-commerce is not only building an interface to introduce products but also setting up online business system, integrated with other business management areas like accounting, logistics, customer care, marketing and individual business system. Years ago, while searching for that perfect platform, we found Magento, not totally perfect but the best you can find out there.

Magento- best ecommerce solution

Magento is the worldwide fastest growing Ecommerce platform. With hundreds solution partners, 250.000 global retailers and brands as well as a variety of industry partners, who support the platform with huge amount of applications and extensions.

It is now one of the leading shop systems, which has been used widely for both B2B and B2C environment. Out of the top 100k webshop (according to Alexa), 19.4% of them trust Magento for their business. With that Magento claims the very first rank in ecommerce platform market share rightfully.

In the development of this platform flowed several man-years and a lot of practical proven know-how. It has been being optimized and innovated continually since 2008 till now. The result is newest release of Version 2.3 in 2019.

Who should use it

The focus of this system is on medium sized customers who pursue sustainable online strategy. Supporting this is thousands extensions for Magento platform, which fulfill almost all of online business’s wishes. At Ecentura, we always say: “if there is no existing solution for our customer, we will create one individually”.

Magento’s advantages

Individually, versatile, stable – this is what you get from this dynamic and scalable Ecommerce solution.

It is an open-source shop system that in addition to the free use of the Community Edition offers numerous benefits and features. This software is one of the most advanced and largest Ecommerce solutions that are currently offered.

The features and possibilities are almost unlimited, so that a web shop using this system can be made almost arbitrarily according to individual needs and ideas.

Accordingly popular is the online shop under the Ecommerce platforms was observed as shown in the most recent market share report from Alexa (top 100k web shops).

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check official information about the platform: here

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