TAT Golf - Magento 2 Development


Industry: Golf Clubs and Golf accessories

The biggest Retailer for golf clubs and accessories in Vietnam since 2007, the company has been taking steps to go online seriously and stands second to no other golf stores in Vietnam. With about 20 brick and mortar Shops in Vietnam, Tatgolf considers the webshop as a powerful channel to connect customers with the brand.




Project manager, 2 Magento developers, 1 tester

Product type



Magento 2, Customization


  • Unique Customized Design with UX-Oriented Design: Creating a visually appealing and unique design that focuses on user experience, ensuring intuitive navigation and seamless interaction.
  • Extensive Ecommerce Extensions: Implementing various ecommerce extensions, including reports, a complex discount system, inventory management, and optimization tools to streamline operations and enhance the overall shopping experience.
  • Frontend Development: Developing a responsive and user-friendly frontend interface that provides a seamless browsing experience across devices, optimizing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Day-to-Day Technical Support: Providing ongoing technical support to address user experience concerns, troubleshoot issues, and ensure optimized electronic order processing and informative product presentation.
  • Quick-Response Consulting and Solutions: Offering rapid response consulting and solutions to address daily operational challenges, ensuring efficient business operations, and maintaining customer satisfaction.
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